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Order 5-9 shirts, $22 each - Coupon Code: TIMESFIVE

Order 10-24 shirts, $18 each - Coupon Code: TIMESTEN

Order 25+ shirts, $16 each (half price!) - Coupon Code: TIMESTWENTYFIVE

*To receive a discount multiples must be the same print, location and colour, however, the shirts can be different sizes.

Print any single colour design you'd like on a high quality cotton t-shirt.  Our shirts are done old-school style with hand applied vinyl graphics.  

Why?  Not only do our prints have a superior look and feel, they last much longer.  Our graphics are super-soft and flexible.  We can even do mirror metallics.

This t-shirt is Unisex Sizing.

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Gray Custom Logo Printed Tshirt
Custom Printed Tshirt
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Custom Printed Tshirt

Additional Info

Who provides the artwork for my t-shirt?

For this product, you supply the digital artwork.  Once your order is placed, please email your file to  If you'd like us to create a graphic for you, please Contact Us for a quote.

Are there any limitations on the artwork I can submit?

A few.  We use a vintage printing method.  It is designed for bold single-colour graphics like logos, sayings and illustrations. This process is not well suited to photographs, hand sketched illustrations, gradients or multicolour images.  

How do I tell you where the graphic should be placed?

 When adding the t-shirt to your cart you'll be asked to select from a range of placement options on the front and back.  Please choose the one you like best.  There is a placement chart with visual examples in the product photos.

How do I choose the t-shirt colour?

Before adding the t-shirt to your cart you'll be asked to select from a range of colours.  Please choose the one you like best.  There is a t-shirt colour chart in the product photos.

How do I choose the print colour?

When adding the t-shirt to your cart you'll be asked to select from a range of print colours.  Please choose the one you like best.  Most clients will choose a neutral print colour to avoid clashing with the colour of the shirt.  Neutrals colours are black, white, muted gold, muted silver, mirror gold and mirror silver.  

If you are confident in your colour combinations there are a few bright colour options as well.  There is a colour chart for printing in the product photos.

How is my graphic sized on the shirt?

We will resize your artwork using standard size guidelines.  This artwork size depends on where you would like your artwork placed.  The end result will be in line with standard printed t-shirts for businesses and events.  

Do you have any sizing advice?

Our most commonly sold t-shirt is this Canadian made unisex style.  This unisex t-shirt is a good well rounded choice that works well for both men and women.  It can be ordered in a fitted size or loose and boxy if desired.  

Please check the measurements in our size chart to determine your size.  This t-shirt is made of a standard jersey, not a super-stretch fabric.  If you feel your body measurements are snug to the size chart measurement, it's safest to go up one size.  You can also go up one size if you'd like the fit to be loose or boxy. 

Please choose size carefully.  There are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on custom printed shirts.

What are the washing instructions?

Our t-shirts stand up well to machine washing and drying.  In our experience they will shrink a 1/4 size if put in the dryer.  For most people this is not a critical difference, but it's something to keep in mind.  Machine wash cold and tumble dry.

Some people prefer to turn their shirt inside out before putting it in the dryer to increase its longevity.  Others want to eventually see a nice worn-in vintage feel.  They will leave their shirt turned right side out.  Even if you leave it right side out and throw it in the dryer often, our prints will last a long time before showing signs of wear.