Custom Wood Tags (50 Pack)

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Our wood tags are popular with event planners, invitation designers and product designers.  

This listing is for a set of 50 tags, all with the same artwork.

They are cut from a micro-thin wood and have the appearance of paper card.  They are made from real wood.  They give a beautiful, unique feel to any item they decorate.  

This listing is for any tag design.  Please choose the size that corresponds to your tag design.

Colours correspond to the natural wood type:

Birch: A pale wood with nearly imperceptible grain.  This wood will show the most contrast.  Choose birch if you'd like the text to stand out or if you plan to include small text.

Bloodwood: A rich red wood with a fine grain.  Occasionally mixed with a pale honey tone.  The reddest wood out there.  Choose bloodwood if you're looking for something standout and unique.

Walnut: A deep desaturated brown with a fine grain.  The darkest fine-grain wood type available.  Choose walnut if you are looking for something rich and don't mind subtle-looking text.  

Please remember to email your file to  

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Personalized Invitation Wood Tag

Additional Info

Who provides the file for my order?

For this product, you supply the digital artwork.  Once your order is placed, please email your tag file to

If you aren't trained in creating vector artwork, please allow us to create a beautiful tag for you.  Contact Us for a design quote.

How does tag sizing work?  

Tag sizes are based on the tags you see in the photos.  We've found these to be the most popular sizes for each application. Your needs however, may be different!  Please check tag dimensions carefully with a ruler.  We want to be sure you know what you are getting.  And we want to know it will work for what you need.

For sizes other than the ones shown, please Contact Us.

What can my design look like?

You can design any exterior shape and include any etching you'd like inside the tag.  Tags are single-sided only.  Pricing assumes one continuous exterior shape.

For tags with complex lace, lattice or maplike edges please Contact Us for pricing.