Personalized Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp with Your Artwork

from 14.00

Put your mark everywhere!  We will make you a custom vintage wood handled stamp using your logo or image.  Our stamps are both beautiful and functional.

Your stamp will arrive mounted on a natural wooden base with a gloss black handle.  

Please remember to email your file to  

We can't start your order without it!

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Personalized Rubber Stamp
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Personalised Handmade Rubber Stamp
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Additional Info

Who provides the artwork for my sign?

For this product, you supply the digital artwork.  Once your order is placed, please email your file to  If you'd like us to create a file for you, please Contact Us.

What is the minimum font size?

For legibility, we recommend fonts be at least 10 pt.

I plan to use my stamp to make rapid impressions, any advice?

If the speed of stamping is important to you, please order your stamp no larger than 2 x 2".  Extra large stamps take a little time to ink properly and are not a good choice if you are looking for rapid stamping.

I plan to order an extra-large stamp (3x3" and larger), any advice?

When using extra-large stamps it takes a little more time to get a good impression.  You have to work carefully to cover the whole surface with ink and get the surface of the stamp pressed evenly on to your material.  Extra-large stamps are not well suited to rapid-impression applications.  

If you have the patience for it, great!  If you are expecting to stamp 1000 bags in an hour, please choose a stamp size 2 x 2" or smaller.

Do you have any advice for buying an ink pad?

When you source your ink pad head to a quality local art supply store.  Ink pads from the big office supply stores tend to have less ink, feel dry and do not make a great impression.  If your ink pad is lacking ink or has started to go dry, you can buy bottles of refill ink cheaply at places where ink pads are sold.  Simply squirt the extra ink on to the pad surface (do this evenly from side to side) and rub it around with a gloved finger or tissue.