Custom Product Display

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A beautiful way to present skincare, cosmetic and other product lines.  This custom display will be cut to accommodate your products and will be etched with your logo and tagline.

This display neatly organizes and elevates 5 shelves of products.  The displays shown hold 75-100 units.  The back of the display is open allowing for storage. 

This is great tool for business owners participating in trade shows and outdoor markets.  It's ideal for wholesalers and retailers.  It is light and portable.   


Your display will be custom etched with the logo and tagline you provide.  The shelves will be custom cut to fit your products.  It includes one shelf design repeated over 5 shelves.  All other dimensions are fixed. 


Each display is designed and tested by a designer before cutting.  We hand-assemble each display ensuring the finished product is beautiful and sturdy.


We use eco-friendly natural wood as a base for our displays.  


This display is ideal for skincare and cosmetics products, as well as toys, food and point of purchase items.  

Nail polish, essential oils, lipstick, eye shadows, moisturizers, ring boxes, spices and small electronics are perfect for this display.

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Additional Info

Who provides the file for my order?

For this product, we do most of the design work.  However, we need files for your logo and tagline.  Please make sure you prepare a digital file for everything you'd like to have printed on your display.  

Once your order is placed, please email your files to  

If you need help with design or layout please Contact Us for a quote.

Do you need anything else?

Yes.  We ask that you mail us a sample of your product packaging.  We need physical samples to take accurate measurements and test the display.  When you send us your files, we'll reply with instructions.

You can send empty packaging as long as it represents exactly what will fit in the display.  If the product protrudes from the package, or will touch the display, we need a sample of the product for measuring.

All of these materials will be returned to you.

Where can I print on the display?

You can print on two areas of the display: the top banner and bottom banner area.

The top banner is 5 5/8" tall and 17 1/4" wide.  We recommend leaving at least 2 1/2" empty at the bottom.  This is the area that will be covered by product.  We also recommend measuring the height of your particular product to understand how much of the banner will be covered.

The bottom banner area is 3 1/4" tall and 17 1/4" wide.  

What exactly can I design?

The price covers design, cutting and assembly of a display with one custom shelf design, repeated over 5 shelves.  It also includes printing the artwork you provide on the top and bottom banner areas.  

All other areas of the display will be exactly as shown in the product photos.  

If you are interested in further customization please Contact Us for a quote.  There is lots of info here as well - How Do I Order A Custom Product Display?

What are the dimensions?

Display Width - 17 1/4"
Display Depth - 17 1/4"

Display Height - 20 1/2" 

Shelf Width - 16 5/8"

Shelf Depth - 3 1/2"

Shelf Height - 3 1/8"

The maximum height of products recommended for this display is 3 1/2" - 4".  Taller products will obscure the items behind them.  

In the photo shown, each display holds 75-100 units of product.  

What is the difference between a first display and repeat display?

All customers purchasing a display for the first time should choose "first display".  This option covers the cost of designing, modifying and testing your custom display before we make the final product.  

Once we have your first display finished you can order a "repeat display".  We'll make you a display using the artwork we have on file for your product.  If you need modifications please contact us for a quote.  

How long will it take to get my order?

If you're having a display made for a particular trade show or event, we recommend ordering 4 weeks in advance of the show date.  

We'll wait for you packaging to arrive before we start.  In Ontario, this takes less than a week from the time you mail your package.  Once we receive your samples it takes 5-7 business days to complete your display.  We'll then ship your display to you.