Etched Wood Sign

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**Please order 2 weeks before your show date or opening.**

A beautiful, natural wood sign.  We take your logo and etch it on to 1/4" birch.  Choose any outside shape you'd like!

These signs are great for office doors, trade show booths, desktop display and office signs.  

Your sign will arrive unmounted with a smooth back.  This give you the option to frame it or flush mount it to the wall.  Choosing "Add Hanging Loops" if you'd like it to have mounting hardware at the back.

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Additional Info

Who provides the artwork for my sign?

For this product, you supply the digital artwork.  Once your order is placed, please email your logo file to  If you need a logo, please Contact Us for a design quote.

We accept vector artwork (.eps, .ai, .pdf) and in limited cases high resolution raster files (.png, .jpg).  Your raster file needs to have enough resolution to make a sign from it.  Please send the largest file possible.  

What's covered under this listing?

Under this listing you can send us any logo.  Logos must be made of flat shapes and text that can be traced.  The etching will be done in black & white.  Photographs, watercolour, ombre designs and gradients won't work with this type of sign.

This listing covers any logo, and cutting any simple perimeter shape.  This can include rounded corners, diamonds, crests, circles, squares, etc.  It does not include cutting complex shapes like laces and lattices.  

This listing is intended for logos only.  For designs meant to be memorials, poster designs or commemorative plaques please Contact Us for a quote.

When should I order?

Place your order 2 weeks before your show date or opening.

What's the most popular use for this sign?

Many of our clients order this sign for their retail shop or office.  It's a popular sign for trade shows, retail markets and outdoor shows.  Please note it is an indoor sign.  

Which size should I choose?

Choose a size that best matches the shape of your logo.  If your logo is rectangular choose a rectangular size.  If you logo is round or roughly square, choose a square size.  

Which mounting option should I choose?

Unmounted - Your sign will be perfectly smooth at the back.  Clients order their sign this way when they'd like to flush mount it to a wall or frame it.  

Hanging Loops - Your sign will arrive with two hanging loops at the back.  This allows you to hang your sign on two screws like you would hang a picture.  Clients order their sign this way when they'd like to be able to hang it and want their sign to arrive ready to go.  

What are some tips for working with my sign?

It is possible to scuff or mark unfinished wood.  Please handle your sign with clean hands.  Wood is a natural material.  Please keep it indoors and protect it from high humidity environments.