Dimensional Wood Sign

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**Please order 4 weeks before your show date or opening.**

Our classic, wildly popular sign.  We take your logo and transform it in to a layered full colour sign.  

Our signs are created using eco-friendly wood material.  It looks great, has a warm "live" feel and can be finished in any colour, including metallics.  Your finished sign will have a tactile 3D relief, making your logo pop.  The surface maintains a light wood texture.

Adding this item to your cart will let you to enter details about your sign.  You can choose things like custom shapes, matching brand colours or different colours from your logo file.  

Click on Additional Info for help with size and mounting options.

Sign Size:
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Additional Info

Who provides the artwork for my sign?

For this product, you supply the digital artwork.  Once your order is placed, please email your logo file to  If you need a logo, please Contact Us for a design quote.

We accept vector artwork (.eps, .ai, .pdf) and in limited cases high resolution raster files (.png, .jpg).  Your raster file needs to have enough resolution to make a sign from it.  Please send the largest file possible.  

When should I order?

Place your order 4 weeks before your show date or opening.

What's the most popular use for this sign?

Many of our clients order this sign for their retail shop or office.  But it is very popular for businesses that have a need to move their sign.  It's easy to transport because it arrives as one piece with hanging loops at the back.   It's a popular sign for trade shows, retail markets and outdoor shows.  Please note it is an indoor sign and should not be left outside for extended periods.

Which size should I choose?

The images below show our sign sizes inside common booth dimensions.  These images are to scale.  The sign footprints represent the max footprint for each size.  

Your sign can be a different proportion/size/shape inside this footprint:  

Which mounting option should I choose?

Hanging Loops - Your sign will arrive with two hanging loops at the back as standard.  This allows you to hang your sign on two screws like you would hang a picture.  This is the best choice if you need to be able to move your sign.

Easel - For tabletop display, we offer custom wood easels.  Your easel will be created specifically to fit your sign.  This allows it to stand alone on a table, sideboard or shelf.  When you choose this option, your sign will still arrive with hanging loops so you can hang it when you're not using the easel.   

Float Mounts - Float mounts make your sign "float" by creating a space between the wall and your sign.  If you plan to install your sign permanently, this is a good option.  This option requires drilling holes.  Please make sure you are comfortable with this (both the manual task and the idea of making holes in your wall) before selecting this option.  Float mounted signs can't be moved once they're installed and they do not arrive with hanging loops.  If you're unsure about permanent, go with the hanging loops. 

What are some tips for working with my sign?

Please handle it carefully.  Wood signs are fragile.  The small pieces on the face of your sign can break with impact.  

Is there anything I should know about ordering a metallic finish?

Metallic finishes are delicate, especially gold.  We recommend handling your sign by its back or edges.  Please avoid touching the face.  Even with careful handling, metallic finishes will accrue a patina over time.  That can include chips, marks, black spots, fingerprints, etc.  All signs will transition from metallic to antique metallic.