Custom Wedding Sign

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**Please order 6 weeks before your event date.**

Our classic, wildly popular lettering.  We'll make your artwork into a cut letter sign.

Use it as a part of your photo wall, ceremony altar or reception table.  Signs can be finished in Bare Birch, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver or Black.  

This listing is for couples who have a graphic designer/wedding planner/calligrapher or invitation designer creating digital artwork for their event.  It is also for wedding planners/calligraphers who have existing digital artwork.

This listing is not for couples/planners who don't have digital artwork yet.  If this is your situation please see the other wedding signs in our shop.  They include artwork.  With those listings we'll be happy to design you something special. 

Our signs are created using eco-friendly wood material.  It looks great and has a warm "live" feel.  We create signs using real materials and hand finishing techniques. The end result is a warm, authentic feel.  Your finished sign will have a tactile 3D relief, making your artwork pop.  

Any letters not connected in your file will arrive as separate parts.  For example, a word with 5 letters will arrive as 5 separate pieces.  

Please remember to email your file to  

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Additional Info

Who provides the artwork for my sign?

For this product, you supply the digital artwork.  Once your order is placed, please email your logo file to 

Which size should I choose?

Our sign sizes match several common uses at events:

Floral Chandelier 70" x 12" - This is meant for long thin phrases that will be laid out on one line.  A common use for this size is a floral chandelier hanging over the head table.  It is also suitable for a backdrop wall 10 ft. or wider.

Couple's Monogram 36 x 36" - This is meant for monograms, insignias, crests or family logos that are circular or square in shape.  Your artwork should be similar in height and width.  This style of sign is commonly used behind the head table, ceremony altar or for photo backdrops.

Two Names On backdrop 60 x 30" - This is meant for art that is wider than it is tall.  It normally encompases two short lines of text.  For example, the bride and groom's names.  This is commonly used behind the head table, at entranceways or on photo backdrops.

Full Floral Wall Quote 89 x 85" - This size is designed to cover a standard floral or boxwood wall.  It is proportioned for an 8 ft. x 8 ft. wall.  It's ideal for a full phrase or quote.  This style is commonly used for entranceways, dancefloor backdrops and photo walls.  

Please choose dimensions that match the general shape of your artwork.  E.g. If your artwork is long and thin, "Floral Chandelier" is the matching proportion.  If your artwork is a circle, "Couple's Monogram" works the best.  We will adjust your artwork to fit within the size you choose.  

Please remember our sizes are based on what is most commonly used.  We can't guarantee our sizes will work for your particular location.  It is your responsibility to measure carefully (please use a measuring tape) and confirm the sign will fit.  We can't be responsible for clients who do not check this before placing their order.  

If you are unsure about size you're welcome to Contact Us for advice.

How do I hang my sign?

Cut letter signs do not arrive with loops at the back for hanging. 

For weddings and events, planners will typically hang them using fishing line.  Fishing line hides well and can be positioned to hang the sign anywhere it's needed: above flower arrangements, against boxwood walls, etc.

For temporary installation in a home or office we recommend using fine finishing nails.  Mark the nail locations (tuck them into the arcs and corners of the lettering).  Then tap the nails in to the wall.  Hang your sign on the nails.

For small lettering and/or permanent installation, glue can be preferable to nails.  We do not recommend this method for events or temporary installs.  

Sign Etiquette

Cut signs can be fragile.  Especially those made with fine script lettering.  Please do not bend, twist or pry your sign.  Large scale signs may need to be supported with two hands during installation.

Never touch or set objects on the face of your sign.  It could damage the finish.  Picking signs up by their edges is a good practice whenever you handle your sign.