Cut Letter Sign

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**Please order 4 weeks before your show date or opening.**

Our classic, wildly popular lettering.  We cut out your logo and finish it in colour.  

The pieces can be flush mounted on any surface.  Also popular for use on green walls.  

Our signs are created using eco-friendly wood material.  It looks great, has a warm "live" feel and can be finished in any colour, including metallics.  The surface maintains a light wood texture.

Anything not connected in your file will arrive as separate pieces. E.g. a word with 5 block letters will arrive in 5 pieces.  

Please remember to email your file to  

Click on Additional Information for help with ordering & installation.

Sign Footprint:
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Additional Info

Who provides the artwork for my sign?

For this listing, you supply the digital artwork.  Once your order is placed, please email your logo file to  

We accept vector artwork (.eps, .ai, .pdf) and in limited cases high resolution raster files (.png, .jpg).   Your raster file needs to have enough resolution to make a sign from it.  Please send the largest file possible.  

I'd like a monogram or phrase but I don't have artwork, what should I do?

If you'd like a monogram or custom phrase please Contact Us and we'll send you a quote.

Please tell us:

  • The phrase
  • The total width of the sign
  • How you'd like it laid out (all one line, 3 words on 3 lines, etc.).  
  • Whether you would like script, block lettering or hand drawn calligraphy

With that information we can send you a price.

I have artwork, which size should I choose?

Our sign sizes are divided into two general shapes:

Square - Meant for logos/phrases that are round or square in shape.  

Rectangular - Meant for logos/phrases that are long and rectangular in shape.

Please choose dimensions that match the general shape of your artwork.  Your sign will be made according to the longest measurement in the footprint you've purchased.  Your sign will match either the width or the height you've purchased, never both.  We will not distort artwork in the studio.  

If you are unsure about size you're welcome to Contact Us for help.

Do you install?

Not at this time.  We specialize in supplying artists and designers with custom cutting for their projects.  Many of our clients are self-sufficient DIYers who prefer low prices over access to full-service installation.  We ship finished signs with installation instructions and allow our clients to install it themselves.  

If you don't feel comfortable doing this, we recommend hiring an artist, craftsperson or contractor in your local area to help with the installation.

How do I hang my sign?

Cut letter signs do NOT arrive with loops at the back for hanging. 

For weddings and events, we suggest hanging cut letter signs using fishing line.  Fishing line hides well and can be positioned to hang the sign anywhere it's needed: above flower arrangements, against a boxwood wall, etc.  If more help is needed to secure the sign Command Strips can be used in combination with fishing line:  This method of install leaves the venue/rentals with no damage.

For temporary installation we recommend using fine finishing nails.  Mark the nail locations (tuck them into the arcs and corners of the lettering).  Then tap the nails in to the wall.  Hang your sign on the nails.  This style of install leaves minimal damage.  It's ideal for home offices, home decor and nurseries.

For permanent installation, such as in an office or retail space, lettering can be permanently flush mounted to the wall using construction adhesive.  Construction adhesive is available at most hardware stores and is applied using a caulking gun.  If the sign needs to be removed it will strip the first layer of paint or paper from the drywall.  Removing it will require patching.  We recommend this style of install where durability, high traffic or the possibility of theft makes permanent desirable.  

What are some tips for working with my sign?

Please handle it carefully.  Wood signs are fragile.  Never twist or pry them as they could break.  Calligraphy and script letter signs may need to be supported with both hands while being moved.  

Is there anything I should know about ordering a metallic finish?

Metallic finishes are delicate, especially gold.  We recommend handling your sign by its back or edges.  Please avoid touching the face.  Even with careful handling, metallic finishes will accrue a patina over time.  That can include chips, marks, black spots, fingerprints, etc.  All signs will transition from metallic to antique metallic.