Personalized Cake Topper

Custom Cake Topper


This is for a personalized script cake topper in your choice of colour.

This covers designing and bridging the artwork for your custom topper, cutting test toppers as as well as cutting, finishing and packing the final piece.

You can choose any name, phrase or words you'd like. It will be made using your choice of script font. Please scroll to the second photo and pick your font option before adding to cart.


Each custom topper is lovingly handmade and finished for our customers. Your topper will be created using your choice of script font. You have a choice of colours so you can pick one to match the theme of your special day.


We use eco-friendly natural wood as a base for our cake toppers. We don’t use plastic because it continues to offgas (smell) after cutting.


Your topper can be finished in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black or any other custom shade you'd like.


Width - Our regular topper is 6" wide and works with most cake designs. Our small topper is 4" wide and is designed for cakes with small top tiers.

We recommend choosing the size that is the closest to, but not larger than the width of the top tier of your cake.

Height - Height varies depending on the words you choose. Some toppers stack up to be as tall as they are wide. Others end up being short and horizontal in appearance.

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Personalized Cake Topper
Custom Cake Topper
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Custom Handmade Cake Topper

Additional Info

Who provides the file for my order?

We do.  No need to send a file for this item.

How long will it take to get my cake topper?

We recommend ordering your topper at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.  Each custom topper is handmade to order.