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How to order A Beautiful Script Sign

With wedding season coming I thought it would be good to do a post on romantic script lettering.  This is a popular request for signs.  There are a few ways of going about it.  Read on below...

Script Lettering For Weddings

If you see gorgeous script on Pinterest or Instagram it's been created in one of two ways: through a font or handwriting.  Both can be done, but they're approached a little differently.  



As a graphic artist, I keep tabs on the most delectable fonts out there and set aside a purchasing budget to buy them.  We keep a bank of fonts in the studio and draw from them to create signs.  If you're getting a design quote from us it will mean receiving artwork made with a font.  There are some brilliant ones out there and they do a great job. 

Our online shop has listings that include a menu of popular fonts. 

Click here for signs. 

Click here for monograms.

Pros of Using a Font: Great for signs on a budget.  Fast.  You can request quick, no-cost adjustments.  

Cons: It is less expressive and unique than handmade lettering.  It can't be completely customized.



If you're looking for something more unique, we have relationships with calligraphers and lettering artists.  When you see beautiful writing with lots of flourishes and a layout that seems to be made for the words - that writing has been created by hand.  If you like unique, organic and handmade, this is the way to go!  If you go this route we'll source an artist that matches your aesthetic and put calligraphy in your quote.  Expect it to increase the sign cost by 30-50%.  The artist will create one-of-a-kind artwork from your request.  

Pros of Using An Artist: Your piece will be totally unique.  It can be built with custom details like different letter shapes and flourishes.  It can be laid out in a custom arrangement.  Hand lettering has an organic, human feel to it.  

Cons: It requires more budget than a font-based sign.  Revisions come at an additional cost.  It adds to the lead time and is not ideal for rush orders.



Our Instagram feed is a mixture of font-based and calligraphy-based signs.  If you contact us about a specific image we can tell you whether it was made by a font or an artist.  In 90% of cases we'll be able to identify the artist and commission work for you.  

What we can't do is recreate an artist's work using fonts.  The results won't be the same.  This scenario means adjusting expectations to align with the results of a font, or setting aside a little extra budget to have an artist create the piece for you. 

If you do the latter, you'll end up with something gorgeous that no one else has.  And you'll be supporting an artist in their craft.  If you do the former, you'll also receive a beautiful sign.  There are lots of pretty font options out there.  It just may not be identical to an inspiration image you've found that was made using hand calligraphy.



Every sign we design in the studio is custom made.  Here's how to request your sign:

  1. Check out our most popular fonts in the listings that offer them: Here and Here.
  2. If you don't find something you like you can initiate a custom design.  Scan through our Instagram feed and tell us about signs you like.  If it's in the feed, we know who the original artist is.  A sign can be created through the artist, or through the studio if it was designed in-house. OR  Send us photos from Instagram, Pinterest or the web.  We can create it through the original artist or create a unique work in the studio using fonts.  OR  Describe the style you're looking for and allow us to apply our design expertise to the request.  For example, "I want French Provincial" or "It's a Great Gatsby theme".  We can create options from there.  

After your order is placed and paid your artwork will be started.  If it's font-based artwork we'll provide 1-2 options for you to look at.  You'll receive that artwork proof to approve and provide feedback on.  If you requests revisions, we'll do them.  When you give your final OK, we'll make your sign. 

If it's calligraphy-based artwork, your artist will take your inspiration image and written request and create one finished piece for you.  You'll have the opportunity to approve the image or purchase revisions.  After we get your final OK your sign will be made.

I hope this helps explain the options.  Happy shopping!



If you are a creator of design work, we provide wholesale laser cutting, at low cost for reselling.  To receive production pricing we ask that you provide an outlined vector file set to the correct thicknesses for your material.  Email us and ask for production pricing.  There is a post outlining what's needed to get production pricing HERE.

What did you think this post?  Was it helpful?  Let me know in the comments!