Laser Cutting Services

The Pros and Cons of Using A Laser Cutting Service

Hey there!  If you've found my website chances are you're a designer or business that's taken an interest in manufacturing through a laser cutting service.  Straight Laser provides per-minute laser cutting to exactly your type of business.

I LOVE laser cutting but I spent time in my career in several other areas of manufacturing before I settled on this one.  That gives me an ability to explain how it compares to the other options out there.  Scroll down to read more:

Custom Map Coaster

First let me get to the PROs because I love laser cutting and highly recommend it for any kind of small and medium-sized business.  Using a laser cutting services is great because:

  • Products can be completely custom.
  • It's a process that handles a range of materials.
  • It's ideal for prototyping.
  • It's a great way to produce short-run and small-volume projects.
  • It has a high-end, quality feel.
  • Changes are quick and easy.
  • The end result is textured and tactile.
  • It has a quick turnaround time.
  • It handles detail incredibly well.

A laser cutting service bureau like Straight Laser is ideal for producing small consumer products, components, signage, marketing materials and quality presentations.  We cut flat sheet materials in to shapes and can etch artwork on the surface of those materials.

Now let me touch on the CONs.  That can be important in figuring out where a laser cutting service won't work well.  You may want to choose a different manufacturing process if:

  • You intend to produce tens of thousands of your item.  
  • You're shooting for "pennies-per-unit" cost.
  • Production volume & capacity is more important than quality.
  • You want to create something large (over 3 feet) or heavy (greater than 1/4" thickness).
  • You're looking to specify the depths of 3D relief.

If any of these describe your manufacturing scenario, a laser cutting service may not be the best choice.  If you're running very high volumes, contacting a manufacturer who does die cutting or injection molding may be a better way to go.  A full list of the available manufacturing processes can be found here.

This is a very summary overview of laser cutting services.  There is a lot more to it.  But if you're looking for the basics, I hope this has helped.  As always, feel free to Contact me if you have questions about using Straight Laser's services.  

What did you think of this post?  Did it tell you what you needed to know?  Let me know in the comments!

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