How Do I Order A Custom Product Display?

Here at Straight Laser I create custom product displays for a range of products.  These are a lot of fun because they can be made in nearly any shape to fit your product. 

They are most often used in store shelving or at point-of-purchase.  I get a lot of questions about these, and the process can be confusing, so I've created an FAQ to get you started:


What kind of products do these displays work for?

These displays work for small products that can get messy, chaotic or lost on store shelves.  It's also great for small items that benefit from being elevated/organized so customers can better see them.

They are used often in retail stores, professional offices and at consumer shows.  They're excellent for quick set up/tear down at mobile shows.  

What are the benefits of a custom display?

  • A custom display makes your product look clean, organized and professional for retailers and consumers. 
  • They are excellent for including your own brand and product labels.  I work with makeup and skincare brands that have colour names or other information included on their display, for example.
  • Some displays styles can be flat packed to make them easy to ship to retailers.
  • The display will fit and show off your product perfectly, avoiding the pitfalls of awkward fit and generic looking displays.  
  • It will elevate and organize your product, in some cases fitting more product into a smaller footprint.

What are the max dimensions?

The max dimensions for single-panel displays are 17 1/4" x 17 1/4" x 20 1/2".  This can be flexible (smaller/larger) depending on the display construction.  But a general note that these are countertop displays meant for setting on shelves or furniture.  They can't be made large enough to be floorstanding on their own.   

What other things do you need to know about size?

I use your product samples to take accurate measurements of your products.  However, the display size is something you will need to tell me.  Some things to consider:

  • Ask your retailers how deep their shelving is.  In many cases they use something specific, or have a clear idea of how much space they want it to take up.  This measurement is your "available footprint".
  • Ask your retailer how high their shelving is, or if there are other areas they do/don't want covered.  These are your "vertical details"  For example, sometimes I hear requests for a display to be high enough to block sightline to the cash register.  Or I hear a request that it must fit in an 8" space below a shelf.  
  • Be aware of vertical sightlines.  Does your display have to be higher than items placed in front of it?  Is there information on your product label you want to be able to see?  Do I need to make sure products on the shelf below don't cover it?  If you have particulars around this please let me know.  

Which materials to do you use?

I primarily work with wood for displays. 

Corrugated, plastics and leather are sometimes an option, but this depends on the need for durability and how much has to be used.  

What do you need to design a display for me?

Three things:

  1. Your inspiration images, size details, wish list and and any other details you'd like to have included in the design.
  2. Physical samples of each product going into the display.  They can be empty packages, as long as the full packaging dimensions are present. 
  3. Your logo file.  

Samples can be popped in the mail or couriered to the studio.  All samples are returned to you with your finished display.  For high-value products like jewelry, detailed specs are acceptable.

    How much does it cost?

    I'm a stickler for providing exact estimates, but 3D displays are very difficult to estimate without a file.  For this reason, price is broken down a bit differently:

    Design - I charge standard hourly graphic design rates for the time it takes to design & test your display.  I can estimate this in advance. 

    Production - I can give you and estimate for the display itself once the design is finished.  This cost assumes you're ordering one prototype, or maybe a few over time.  If you plan to order 12+ displays you'll get a volume discount.  

    Please note, design is a one-time charge (unless you request changes).  Once you've paid for your design, you only have to pay the production cost to order a display.  

    What is the process?

    The design process looks like this:

    1. You send samples, your logo, inspiration pics and your wish list to me.  
    2. Once a deposit is received I will return pencil sketches of 1 (occasionally 2) ideas to get your impressions and feedback.  
    3. Once a direction is confirmed I will created digital files, test the display construction and send you photos of a "rough cut".  
    4. With your feedback and revisions I will cut a final display and send you photos to get shipping approval.  
    5. Once I have approval your display and product samples will be shipped to you.

    What do you send me?

    When your display is finished you'll receive the number of displays you ordered, as well as the product samples you sent. 

    Displays arrive flat packed if they are a flat-pack style. Otherwise displays are shipped fully assembled.  If you're looking for component cutting so you can assemble yourself that's possible.  Please let me know in advance so I can adjust your quote.  

    How do I get started?

    The first step is to email me with your design ideas.  I will tell you how many hours it will take to design.  If you're ok with the time estimate, I will send you a payment link to take a deposit.  Then the design process can begin.