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We specialize in laser cutting production orders for printers, small businesses and makers. You provide the vector file, we’ll do the rest.

We also offer graphic design services, helping our clients more quickly get their products into production. We handle jobs in quantities over 50 units (with the same artwork). For a fee, we can also complete prototyping and sampling work to aid in product development.

Laser cutting is a specialized fabricating process focused on cutting and etching 1/4” wood panels, paper, cardstock and fabrics. We can process a few other materials, but these are our main areas of focus.

Laser cutting is the ideal process for small to medium sized production runs and prototyping.

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our Story


Straight Laser opened its doors in 2013 in Toronto's Corktown District.  We launched to give businesses the freedom they needed to do small production runs domestically.

Our service allows our clients to run their businesses with more flexibility, shorter timelines and greater creativity.

Since 2013 we’ve gone online, increased our cutting capacity and added design services to help make getting to production even easier.

As one of the most experienced players in the laser cutting field, we’ve amassed years of experience that will ensure you get the right advice and always receive successful, high quality shipments.

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Carrie Hayes started Straight Laser out of a passionate for design and manufacturing.  

She began her career in fashion manufacturing.  Her self-titled work has been featured in Elle, FASHION, Flare, the National Post and the Toronto Star.  She has designed and assisted in the manufacture of apparel products for large manufacturers, national retailers and her own clothing line.

Upon the sale her apparel business, Carrie switched gears to launch Straight Laser. She wanted to make manufacturing capabilities accessible to businesses tired of offshore hassles - those who were searching for easier and more immediate manufacturing options.

Since launching, she's grown Straight Laser into one of the most capable and specialized businesses in the field. In addition to the behind-the-scenes cutting work, Carrie has successfully pushed laser cutting into the mainstream with Wedding Bells, WedLuxe and Rock N' Roll Bride all featuring Straight Laser’s work.

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Press & Clients



Our client absolutely loved it! You are just so talented and we can’t wait until our next project together.
— Robin, event designer
You were such a pleasure to work with! Looking forward to using your services again soon. So talented!
— Sonali, cake designer
I wish that you could have heard high pitch sounds that I was making when I opened my package last night! Pure excitement! My sign looks fantastic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You made one small business owner extremely happy!
— Vesna, accessory designer
Straight Laser is amazing to work with and produced just what I needed!
— Adrienne, stationary designer
I just received it yesterday and it was amazing!!! More beautiful than I expected!! Thank you so much for such a stunning product and great customer service!
— Sara, event designer
We used, love and highly recommend Straight Laser. Fantastic work and the best customer service (great price too!).
— Leila, beauty retailer